Thinking about mirrors, they are intriguing object. There is no color or texture to mirror itself, and no expressions such as soft or hard.
Something that is sort of hard, silver shiny can be visualized, but what is being seen in real is the reflection of surrounding scenes, and not the mirror itself.
And always taking in the surrounding reflections, despite of having influence which is not negligible against the environment, I felt main importance of designing mirror is very much limited to where it is not mirror, but mainly the frame.
Then, I tried to think existence against environment from the point of mirror itself’s expression, but not to think where to place this “object in the frame which reflects surroundings.”
Special film is applied to the surface of this full-length mirror, which reflects a clear image at its center, when looked at directly.
Functional in essence, the piece also maintains the aura of a sculpture, softly shining when seen from an oblique angle. The frame is finished with subtly embossed paper, revealing itself on close inspection.
Depending on the beholder’s viewing angle and distance, the mirror’s appearance transforms - sometimes a strong presence is felt while, occasionally, this unique object seems to disappear.
By making the mirror an object such as chair, table or carpet, it naturally becomes influential to spaces ; maybe use the other side as lounge or place a potted plant next to it and make relaxing atmosphere.
Acquiring existence of itself, I feel the mirror became something that blends into interior.

Period:July 2008 - January 2009
Size:W910 x H1250 x D11
Structure:mirror, wood frame, embossed water proof paper


期 間:2008年7月 - 2009年1月
サイズ:W910 x H1250 x D11